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Haven’t blogged in a whiiiileeeeee! Time to get started again. And I promise you all, ill be blogging as soon as I can again.


Hectic Days.

So, these days that I had and the ones that I will have, were and gonna be majorly hectic. Its the last semester, and after this its college time. Though I will be studying in town, its still a lot of work to do. After 20 May, I’ll be fully done.
Than its Summer! Finally!!


When life gets …

When life gets though, keep going. You need to be happy at the end. If your not, its not the end yet.


I am official awkward. I like it more to text or blog.. be in my own world. I get grumpy sometimes when I don’t know what to do with my life. I want to be productive and sleep at the same time. Probably will be sleeping while dreaming of finishing school, attending the University and be a master in English Language. Tolk.. be a professor, everything. We know the row people.. we know it.

Guess it can’t fall out of heaven, can it? Guess I’ll go sleep again.

Or just stay up and do stuff. It’s only 18.26 so, I can do things..


Hello World!

Hii, I’m Nurija Bihorac, nice to meet you!!
I’m going to start making my blog on WordPress. I already have Tumblr.., but this was recommended from other bloggers so I thought I should try it.